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Difficulty: Legendary LitRPG, Book 1 By Gregg Horlock [Audiobook]

on Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:45 pm

Publisher's Summary

In the world of Re:Fuze, anything is possible. Fortunes can be made, and the unlikeliest of people can find glory in a land of swords and magic.

With low Job Qualification (JQ) scores and two years of national service looming, Eric Templeton knows he is doomed to a life of poverty. When he is given a chance to enter the game, he knows he has the opportunity to save his family from their desperate situation.

But when he enters the game, Eric isn't spawned into the newbie camp of Blundow. Instead he is sent to the darkest regions of the map, filled with creatures beyond his level. He stumbles across a conspiracy that no newbie should ever see, and he knows that he can't hope to survive.

BitRate: 95 kbps

File Format: .Mp3

File Size: 121.7 MB

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